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NetMan 204 Solar

Network agent


• 32bit RISC processor
• compatible with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and IPv4/6 networks
• Sirio Data Control and SunVision 2 compatible
• Control and monitoring using ModBUS/TCP
• Virtual screen also for TL inverters (VNC software)
• SMTP for sending alarm e-mails
• event history log management
• other standards: DHCP, DNS, RARP, FTP, NTP, ICMP, RFB
• configurable via Sirio Data Control and VNC
• firmware upgradeable via Sirio Data Control



The NetMan Plus network card enables management of an inverter directly connected to a 10/100Mbps LAN using the main network communication protocols (TCP/IP, and ModBUS/TCP).

The accessories for NetMan 204 Solar

Sirio Data Control Monitoring software  

SunVision 2 Monitoring software  

RS485 Communication adapter  

Manual - NetMan 204 Solar

Manual - NetMan 204 Solar - Quick Manual

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