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How much electricity does a photovoltaic system produce?

The amount of electricity that a photovoltaic system produces per year depends on a number of factors:
° amount of solar radiation at the installation site;
° tilt and angle orientation of the surface of the modules;
° whether or not there is shading;
° technical performance of the system components (modules, inverter and other equipment).

Taking a system with 1 kW of rated capacity as reference, with optimal tilt and angle orientation and no shading, and without a device to “follow” the sun, the following maximum annual energy capability can be estimated in Italy:
° northern regions 1,100 kWh/year
° central regions 1,400 kWh/year
° southern regions 1,600 kWh/year

It should be noted that an Italian family’s average consumption of electricity is around 3,000 kWh per year.

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