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Sirio Power Supply (SPS)  

SPS 200


• Compatible with On-grid and Off-grid systems
• Quality power supply to loads with the integration of photovoltaic energy
• PV plants integration with AROS inverters
• Strong and reliable
• Galvanic isolation
• High overload capability
• LCD Display

Sirio Power Supply is a device that can both increase the functionality of an On Grid photovoltaic system with AROS Solar Technology inverters as well as create an Off-grid system. In fact, thanks to energy storage which is suitably sized based on the desired load characteristics and battery life, the system can store energy produced from a renewable source which can then be used later or when there is no radiation, in addition to making the system independent of the existence of electricity distribution grid. Hence this solution allows the self-consumption of the energy produced by the centre’s photovoltaic system to be managed in the best possible manner. The battery charging is done from the photovoltaic inverter or the electric grid/ generating set. The generous dimensions of the main internal components allows a higher output value to be obtained and, to guarantee the system performance, the presence of the inverter’s output transformer ensures the galvanic separation between the load and the batteries.

Battery Care System

The monitoring and management of the accumulators is transferred to the Battery Care System program which can safeguard the efficiency and reliability of the batteries with following services:

• Absence of ripple current with charged battery;
• Charging at two voltage levels to optimise the charging current and reduce the capacity recovery times;
• Compensation of the charging voltage depending on the temperature and protection against deep discharge, to reduce the phenomena of ageing and prolong battery life;
• Monitor the maximum charge time to reduce the consumption of the electrolyte and further prolong battery life;
• Battery tests to diagnose performance impairment or accumulator breakdowns in time;
• Management of the discharge cycles depending on the charge state of the battery.

The device is compatible with the most common batteries used for photovoltaic applications characterised by a high number of charge and discharge cycles. To further optimise the performances, the Battery Care System also allows the manual setting of the voltage, current and charge duration parameters in case open-vented or NiCd batteries are used.


The SPS devices are best installed both in places that have a grid as well as in geographically remote, rural or isolated areas that have a heavy energy demand but with unreliable grid power or power which is provided through generating sets; thus in cases where energy needs to be stored– preferably from economical sources such as the sun. Let us look at some examples in detail:

Areas where the grid is available and there is the option of net metering (1)

Thanks to the batteries, the system optimises the self-consumption of the energy produced from the photovoltaic field and supplies only the grid power that is not used to supply the load or charge the battery.

• meets the needs of current peaks by using the energy from the battery and not the grid
• uses energy produced when the distribution grid tariffs are most expensive
• feeding energy into the grid when the tariffs are more convenient
• optimise the self-consumption period and hence reduce the TCO of the PV plants

(1):Check if this operating condition is legally permitted in the country of installation.

Areas where the grid is available without net metering

In the areas where the energy cannot be fed into the grid, the entire production of the photovoltaic field can be used to supply the load and charge the battery. Thanks to the batteries, this system allows the selfconsumption of the energy produced by the photovoltaic field to be optimised.

• meets the needs of current peaks by using the energy from the battery and not the grid
• increase the self-consumption level of the energy produced
• reduce the TCO of the system

Areas where the grid is not available (Off-grid)

Thanks to photovoltaic energy, this system allows electric current to be brought to areas where electricity is not available and such is produced only by generating sets.

• meet the needs of current peaks by using the energy from the battery and not the generating sets
• reduce the use of the generating sets to the minimum
• lower fuel consumption and hence lower operational costs
• lesser expenses and inconvenience relating to transport of fuel to remote areas
ModelsSPS 200
400 Vac 3Ph
+ 20% / - 25%
45 ÷ 65Hz
0 ÷ 100 % in 125 sec (presettable)
400 V 3Ph + N (± 20 %, presettable)
50 o 60Hz
400 V 3Ph ± 20 % (presettable)
50 o 60Hz
± 1%
± 5%
1 % typ, 2 % max
< 3%
110 % for 60 min, 125 % for 10 min, 150 % for 1 min
VLRA AGM /GEL; NiCd for PV applications
± 1%
800x800x1900 mm
830 Kg
0°C ÷ 40°C
< 95 % non-condensing
RAL 7035
Safety IEC EN 62040-1; EMC IEC EN 62040-2; Performances IEC EN 62040-3

The accessories for SPS 200

Sirio Data Control Monitoring software  

Manual - Sirio Power Supply

Models 100, 120, 160, 200

Manual – Display Sirio Power Supply


CE declaration of conformity Sirio Power Supply

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