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Solar energy: and intelligent solution for the environment

The sun can satisfy all our needs if we learn to rationally take advantage of the energy that constantly irradiates toward the Earth. It shines in the sky from less than 5 billion years and however, it has been calculated that it has reached only half of its life expectancy. Just think that during this year the sun will irradiate towards the earth four thousand times more energy than that which the entire world population could consume. Thanks to available technology it would be a crime not to take advantage of it, considering that such energy source is free, clean and never ending and that this could finally free us from oil dependence and from other not safe and contaminating alternatives. This energy can be directly used or transformed into electricity. Opportunely treated and controlled it is possible to sell the energy produced to the electricity administrator following national norms and laws. The choice of a PV solution represents an investment of sure returns and easily calculable thanks to financing schemes estimated by different national laws.

The price of oil is always increasing and the pollution is less sustainable making renewable alternate sources of energy an irremissible necessity. Economic incentives and giant steps forward in electronic technology consent the use of photovoltaic plants in an easy and economically convenient way; the use of machinery permits the direct connection to the power grid that allows selling efficiently and in a practical manner to the distributor the energy produced and not used. The use of an inverter without transformer, for the direct connection the photovoltaic plants to the grid is creating more and more interest due to the reduction of costs and high efficiency of the solution. AROS Solar Technology, using it own experience in power supplies, has put together an innovative series of inverters for photovoltaic plants connected to the grid made with quality and reliable components.

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